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Clamshells are an excellent way to display and protect your product with easy assembly. Clamshells are two pieces of plastic joined together with a hinge at the bottom, and have many advantages like:

- Optimum Display Value
- Simple button snap closure
- Excellent advertising space
- High security & protection
- Retail ready to hang or sit on shelf
- Multiple styles and sizes
- No secondary equipment or sealing


Blister Packs

Blisters showcase your product behind protective plastic. A advertising or informational card is sealed behind the product with a special adhesive coating that is later heat-sealed to secure the product. Some advantages are:

- Enhance product display value
- Advertising space can enhance product
- Retail ready to hang
- Requires heat sealing equipment to seal advertising card to the blister package


Mock Clamshells

Mock Clamshell looks like a clamshell but is a blister with a flange that extends around the exterior of the package to hold a card. Like Blisters, Mock Clamshells require the advertising card to be heat sealed during the assembly process and have the following advantages:

- Effective product display value
- Effective advertising space
- Retail ready to hang


Trays & Inserts

Trays & Inserts are designed to help organize and transport damage-free products to consumers, staging centers, or to protect medical devices or food items from contaminates. They have advantages like:

- Enhances retail display
- Easy loading and staging during assembly
- Protects FDA products from contaminates
- Stackable to avoid crushing products in lower trays.


Custom Design

MasterPac provides products and services to support the full Thermoforming Plastics Packaging Life Cycle. This includes package design, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, fulfilment services, and plastic recycling.

MasterPac uses state of the art technologies like:
- 3D and 2D Computer Aided Design Software
- State of the art 3D Laser Scanners
- 3D MicroScribe Digitizing Equipment
- 3D Printers for precise model & sample generation
- CNC Mold Milling Machine


Rapid Prototyping

MasterPac is an industry leader in rapid prototyping. We can quickly turn our 3D conceptual design in to a manufactured product. MasterPac has invested in state of the art thermoforming and design manufacturing technologies. These advanced technologies help to quickly fabricate a sample package for client review. This allows the client to physically evaluate the fit and form of the packaging, which reduces risks, removes errors and reduces overall product costs prior the product going into full production. Our processes, skills and experience combined with our advanced technology provide our customers the ability to go to market quickly.

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